College chances, simplified.

The college process is full of problems.

It's long and drawn out.
It's hard to tell what schools are best for you.
It's plain confusing.

Meet IvyOdds.

Finally, a service that solves all of those problems.


Why did this start?

The college process sucks.

Highschool counseling departments are understaffed.
Colleges are predatory.
Students are at the mercy of dubiously-sourced information on the Internet.

IvyOdds was made to make the college process, well, not suck.

How does it work?

Machine Learning. When applying to college, high schoolers usually look at the profiles of past students.
IvyOdds does the exact same thing, albeit on a larger scale: we analyze thousands of profiles and figure out what works.

What separates IvyOdds from similar chance calculators?

Put in four attributes, choose one college, and get your answer.

No hassle.
No scam.
No ads.

We're on your side.

How would I use this?

Find out what's hurting your application and improve accordingly.
Find your college chances and create a balanced list.
Organize your process to be stress-free as possible.

Are there going to be updates?

All the time. We're always looking for feedback to make it useful: fill this form out.

Can I help make it better?

Yes! If you're a past student, please fill out this form.

What if I have other questions?

Email contact@ivyodds.com with anything. Absolutely anything.
We're dedicated to solving this problem.
Because it's terrible.